Security Guard Safety

22 Sep


A security guard may encounter a variety of situations, locations, and behaviors. Always stop and assess a situation before becoming involved. While you are the “go-to” person in an emergency, do not respond if it’s unsafe to do so or if you do not have the proper equipment. You must first protect yourself in order to protect others.

Security Officers Working Procedures

27 Jul

Security Guard – As with the military or regular employees, security officers also have procedures or rules that must be carried on in every duty. Because the procedures that will be made in reference to them in their work. And if the rules are not on the run or in violated, then the security officer will get a penalty or a reprimand from the management company.

Procedures or rules are as follows:
  • Every guest who comes in the compulsory to report to duty officer.
  • Officers listed in the guest book.
  • Rutine patrols in areas that have been decided by the leadership.
  • If there is a dangerous situation, such as fires, earthquakes, etc., soon gave signs or information through existing instruments, such as alarms, microfon office and so forth.
  • Take steps and actions as if there is a crime, for example:
             – Securing the crime scene.
             – Capturing and securing the perpetrators if it is caught.
             – Helping victims and report on the parties to the authorities.
  • Make notes about all the events that occurred in the line of duty.
  • And others.

Duty Security Officer Guidelines.

27 Jul

Security Guard - Guidelines Task Security Officer leadership usually given to each member. From the leadership that will guide the implementation of this will be submitted to all members. The members of the security must really understand all the instructions given by leadership. If anyone who has not performed, therefore the company did not hesitate to give sanctions to members who violate security.

Here are some Guidelines Task Security Officer:

  1. Security as the first adn last which is viewed by visitors in an office environment, it may impose indicating the presence and position of the very large benefits.
  2. Always display a gallant attitude, friendly yet authoritative.
  3. Always be friendly, courteous and professional in their work.
  4. Can fostering good relationships and positive with all employees in an effort to create a safe and conducive atmosphere.
  5. Maintain security cooperation with the local environment.
  6. Contacting and always memorize emergency numbers, such as numbers to call police, fire department and others.